Simple ways to win more at Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live is a hybrid game that combines Live Casino and and RNG bonus round game. Yes, we are talking about Mr Monopoly Board Bonus Round! Combining the RNG bonus game (a full 3D experience) and a money wheel live casino experience has been a stroke of genius. Once again Evolution Gaming has released a game that is going to be a big hit among players around the world. Now let’s have a look at the best strategies for the game and how to place your bets so that you can make the most of your deposits with Live Monopoly!

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How to play Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live has been developed by Evolution Gaming in collaboration with Hasbro, the legendary table games maker. The setting of the game is very interesting, as it combines live casino and an RNG bonus game.

The Live casino section of the game is very similar to another successful release by Evolution Gaming, Dream Catcher. When you open the game you see a money wheel and a presenter rolling it. Differently from Dream catcher, the wheel has some special segments: CHANCE, 2 ROLLS, 4 ROLLS.

This is what makes this game really special, so be sure you don’t miss out on it. In order to participate to Mr. Monopoly Bonus Game you should always bet on these two segments. If you don’t, you will be forced to sit back and watch other players win multipliers up to x500!

Mr Monopoly Bonus Game

monopoly live bonus game

Let’s have a better look at Mr Monopoly Bonus game. This part of Monopoly Live is what makes the game really special compared to Dream Catcher. The setting of the studio is rather similar in both games, but in Monopoly Live you can hit the 2 ROLLS and 4 ROLLS bonus game and enter the 3D world of Mr Monopoly!

The bonus game is triggered when the money wheel in the studio hits the 2 ROLLS or 4 ROLLS segments. Mr Monopoly stops reading the paper and sipping tea and takes you on a tour around his city. During the RNG game dices are thrown in the live studio, Sic Bo style. They are thrown 2 or 4 times, depending on the result of the money wheel. This is the most exiting time doing the game, enjoy it!

The setting of the bonus game is a wonder, it’s a 3D animation of the classic monopoly board. When you and Mr Monopoly arrive on the board, houses and estates are dropped, increasing the value of some properties. All the segments of the classic game are present: GO, CHANCE, STATIONS etc.

All segments of the board have a value, when Mr Monopoly stops on one of those he will be awarded a cash prize or/and a multiplier up to x500! If Mr. Monopoly manages to double the round and pass through the GO twice, all prizes double their value.

How to play Monopoly Live with a good Strategy

Monopoly Live is one of the most exiting games available to players right now. One of the best things about it is that not only luck plays a crucial role in the outcome of the game. Your betting strategy is just as important. Here is our quick guide on how to set the perfect strategy for your gameplay.

1. Always define the budget before playing Monopoly Live with real money

Before playing for real money you need to predict what your budget will be for that specific round. Every game should always be under your control in terms of money. Despite the simple rules of the game, the chances of winning or losing are always random (thanks to the wheel that spins manually and the RNG bonus game), so set the amount wisely and stop when your initial budget is over. You can always come back later.

Always define the budget before playing Monopoly Live with real money

2. Understand the payable and characteristics of the game

Each segment of the wheel has a specific function. As we have already learned, there are several segments indicating a number (1, 2, 5, 10), 2 CHANCE segments, 2 segments with the 2 ROLLS function and 1 segment with the 4 ROLLS function. Depending on where the pointer stops, each player may collect a different prize depending on the bet. When you understand the function of each segment, you are ready to fully enjoy the base game!

Understand the payable and characteristics of the game

3. Bet on all possibile outcomes

Since the wheel can only stop on a limited number of options, wagering on each of them is a good way to cash in on any kind of prize. It is good to know that if the pointer lands on the segments of the bonus round (2 ROLLS, 4 ROLLS) the game setting will take you to the bonus round whether you have chosen to bet on that segment or not. This means that if you haven't wagered anything on that specific bonus you will have to sit down and watch the other players' bonus rounds.

Bet on all possibile outcomes

4. Play Monopoly Live only in the best and most secure Online Casinos

We consider this as the most important advice of all. Playing real money and with bonus is all fun and games only when playing safely in the most secure Casinos. The producer of Monopoly Live (Evolution Gaming) surely is one of the most famous provider of gaming solution for the Online Gambling industry. Only the best Online Casinos offer a list of the most popular games by this provider. By registering in these secure sites, you will be entitled to play with the most competitive bonuses up to date.

Play Monopoly Live only in the best and most secure Online Casinos

5. Enjoy Monopoly Live Real Money

Now that you have an active account in one of our top rated casinos and you have played free with bonus, you can start your real money adventure. Enjoy Monopoly Live Real Money and good luck with those four rolls and x500 multipliers! Remember to always play responsibly.

Enjoy Monopoly Live Real Money

Live Monopoly Odds

monopoly live wheel

This game is based on a money wheel with 54 segments in total. 6 of those segments have a special meaning when it comes to your wins:

There are 6 features in total, so you have 1 in 9 chances of hitting a special prize, that makes the game fun and entertaining! On the wheel there are also numerical segments, with the value of 1, 2, 5 and 10. They are the ones that are hit more often, as they are more present on the wheel. The prize you win with these is getting your bet back and then have multiplied by the number on the wheel.

Return to Player, RTP

This game has a very high Return to Player, compared to other live games. The overall RTP for Live Monopoly is 96.20%.

This RTP is very similar to the average one of slot machines. And this is not the only similarity with the world of slots. The attitude when playing this game is also similar, the reason being the focus on the bonus game. Like in slots, it’s all about waiting for the free spins or special feature of the game to be triggered. In a similar fashion, playing this game is all about waiting for Mr. Monopoly bonus game, the exiting time when huge cash prizes are handed out!

The Best Strategy in Monopoly Live

monopoly live bet

Playing this game without a strategy is not going to get you very far. Having said that, it’s also important to notice that the best strategy here is incredibly simple! The best strategy in Monopoly Live is to keep your bets reasonable and always bet on all possible outcomes. This way you will always cash in on all rounds, even if not much.

What’s most important is that you always place your bets on the 2 ROLLS and 4 ROLLS. By following this simple strategy you make sure you participate all bonus rounds, the most important (and highest value) feature in the game. Betting on all other possible outcomes you will also cash in on all multipliers and cash prizes awarded by the CHANCE segment.

Last but not least, placing your bets on the numerical outcome (1,2,5 and 10) allows you to wait for the bonus game while not loosing too much of your cash. Just choose the right amount for your bet and always bet money you can afford to loose. This way you will eventually cash in on the highly paying bonus round and win back what you’ve lost while waiting for it.

Other Strategies

It is our opinion the strategy you have seen above is the best one you might possibly use. It allows to always have a return on your bets and keeps your spirits up while waiting for the bonus round to happen. This is what we recommend, however there are plenty more strategies you can use while playing Monopoly Live real money.

Let’s have a look at other strategies you might want to try.

Choose the perfect Online Casino

After all you have learned about Monopoly Live, there is one important thing to notice. You might have the best strategy for your game, but they will only work if you use them in the right online casino.

That’s why we highly recommend you choose among one of the top Monopoly Live casinos to play Monopoly Live selected by our team of experts. They are 100% safe and reliable and they have the best bonuses for live gaming. We suggest you read our full and find out which one has the features and the live casino bonus offer that suits you best!

Final thoughts on Monopoly Live Strategy

mr monopoly

We love Monopoly Live and we know there is no chance of enjoying it without a good strategy. The game has a big component of luck (this is gambling after all), however there are many possible betting strategies that give way to a more rational and analytic approach. We believe the best strategy for Monopoly Live is betting on all segments, however Selective Betting and Martingale are also valid options. What is essential in this perspective is to always have your budget under control and betting responsibly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Casinos that guarantee the highest quality standards for playing Monopoly Live are now All British Casino, Fun Casino and No Bonus Casino. Always remember that top Online Casinos to play Monopoly Live are always the ones that hold licences by your local jurisdiction (e.g. the UKGB).

Yes, there are some important steps to consider even when playing such a simple and straightforward game. To place a bet, consider the function of each segment and bet accordingly.

Yes, this is considered to be the best strategy to cash out during all rounds. While it's not a lot, this strategy makes you an active participant throughout the game.

While these are the only segments that lead you to a higher chance of winning big thanks to the bonus round, betting only on those 3 segments is not considered a good strategy. The pointer will not necessarily land on that designated segment and you will lose other chances to cash out by placing less profitable bets.

This bonus round has a similar setup to the Sic-Bo game. The dice will be rolled as many times as indicated on the segment drawn earlier in the base game. Once the dice show the total, Mr Monopoly walks along the board and collects the multipliers accordingly. This means that you cannot act during this RNG bonus game, but can only sit back and enjoy it!