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Our site is dedicated to Monopoly Live by Evolution Gaming, we kindly invite you to have a look around and read our experts’ reviews. Our mission is introducing players to the latest in live casino, the games we are passionate about.

We invite you to have a good look around and read our reviews. Our top priority is for you to play safely and responsibly, with all the info you need for being successful. On top of Monopoly Live, on these pages we also recommend online casinos where you can play real money.

All the online casinos listed on these pages fulfil the following criteria:

You should incur in no problems while playing with these online casinos. We recommend you read our reviews about the selected casino sites in order to understand all the important features these companies offer. We have advertisement agreements with the online casinos you see listed on these. pages. You can discover more about it on our page Advertising Disclosure.

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In our Contact page you can find a quick way of getting in contact with us. We usually respond any enquiry within 24 hours and will try to be of help as much as we can.

Despite our commitment to getting back to you as soon as we can, there is nothing we can do about issues you can have in the recommended online casinos listed on our site.

The good news here is that you won’t need. our help at all. Any issues concerning the licensed online casinos listed here can be easily resolved by the customer support of the online casino site you are visiting. Should there be any further problems, you can always contact their licensing jurisdiction. You will get swift assistance in no time.

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We make our best to always keep our site up-to-date and always list bonuses and promotions which actually match the offers on the destination sites.

Despite our commitment and our efforts, bonuses and promotions for playing with online slots are subject to change. The speed at which the internet works might impede us to update our site according to those changes.

These are the reasons why we always recommend you check the individual slot sites. There you can check the current bonus and promotional offers. On the online casino site you will also find complete terms and conditions (we link to those pages, they’re not hard to find) of any bonus and promotion you might want to accept. We always recommend you read those carefully before you accept one. We cannot be held responsible for any changes in bonus terms and cons which may have occurred since the production of our website.

We cannot stress enough the importance of being up to speed with bonus terms and conditions. Before you start playing make sure you look through those t&c. This way you will avoid bad surprises later on.

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Responsible Gaming

On our site we promote responsible gaming. Please make sure you always gamble responsibly, and only bet money you can afford to lose. Should you feel that gambling is getting out of hand, we recommend you get in contact with the online resources you can find on our website.